Forgotten Figures: Tomoe Gozen

As will prove to be thematic in this series on extremely cool women in history, Tomoe Gozen has never been convincingly proven to have existed. This doesn’t however diminish her impact and influence on world history. It is simply the direct result of history being written by men and about men.

Trans-Cultural Diffusion: Water, Water Everywhere

Since the emergence of early modern humans from Africa about 300,000 years ago shifting landmasses and oceans have separated groups. Events like the Storegga landslide, which resulted in a tsunami, permanently cutting Britain off from mainland Europe, happen far more than you would expect. Add to this continents and land masses drifting with geological indifference… Continue reading Trans-Cultural Diffusion: Water, Water Everywhere

Battle of the River Idle: A nation is born.

One of the most incredible events in this history of Britain. A story full of passion and intrigue, glorious and sinister characters, a battle that defined the political landscape of post-Roman Britain. An event which, for the first time, elevated a king of this island above all others to the status of Bretwalda. A point… Continue reading Battle of the River Idle: A nation is born.

Camulos: The Lost God

The Romans brought a lot to the world. Incredible construction and logistical techniques, bleeding edge technology, technical democracy and law. They also wrote the textbook on cultural genocide. It’s well established that as a rule the Romans absorbed cultures and traditions, blending them with their own interpretations. However this process significantly, yet subtly changes those… Continue reading Camulos: The Lost God