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Geographical Anomaly

So I was finally putting pen to paper on my Biographica Incognita entry on Gentleman Johnny Ramensky. I have spent weeks reading newspapers and court records from the first half of the twentieth century. However in writing about Johnnys parents immigrating from Lithuania I realised I didnt really understand the geography of Lithuania. So I […]

One Minute History

OMH: Would World War Two Have Happed Without Hitler?

Would World War Two have happened without Adolf Hitler? There are few that would dispute that Adolf Hitler was one of the darkest figures in human history. The atrocities he visited upon millions of people are beyond imagining. Often in hypothetical discussions about time travel, the first thought visited is, “I would kill Hitler”. However, […]

Biographica Incognita James Barry

BI: James Barry

I was anxious about writing this article. Whilst I feel that Doctor Barrys story is one that has been neglected by history the issues it raises particularly around the possibility of Dr Barry being a transgender male are incredibly polarising which is something I have never particularly undertood. Looking at social media almost any post […]

Biographica Incognita

BI: Hereward the Wake

I have just updated and republished my Biographica Incognita article on Hereward the Wake. I almost certainly havent done this incredible figure from history justice. In my retelling of his tale but my aim is to make people curious and to inspire further reading around some of histories more fascinating forgotten characters. Having read a […]

The Beginning


Welcome to my new home on the web. My intention is to use this to collect my works from around the web in one place. It will also allow me to work on some new projects. Initially I will look at getting Biographica Incognita back up and running. This page offers short biographies of some […]