The Bloody Isle

Due to a recent trip and some Covid-19 related difficulties I decided to take a week off my usual posting schedule (two posts a week). Normal postings should resume next week.

I haven’t been idle with my downtime thought. A huge amount of reading was necessary to release my first entry in The Bloody Isle. Another project I am very excited to have started in which I try and provide an overview of the bloody history of Britain. My opening entry is the oldest ceremonial burial found in Britain – The Paviland Red Lady.

Take a look through the projects menu above and let me know what you think. As well as my two blog posts a week I am hoping to release a Bloody Isle entry every month. This will probably leave my Biographica Incognita entries to ad hoc however not forgotten as I have several gigabytes of research materials I am reading through to get some BI entries out.

As always you can vote for which content you want to see more of using the content poll on my main page.