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A collection of articles reviewing some of histories most interesting, yet forgotten characters. If you would like to recommend someone for entry into Biographica Incognita please get in touch.

The people of the British Isle have a long history of conflict. From the earliest human remains found in Britain to modern conflicts this collaborative project aims to catalogue our more violent past.

Recent Posts

  • Media Literacy
    When I was at school I the study of English was broken into three separate subjects – English Language, English Literature and English Media. I loved English Literature and I tolerated English Language as a compulsory subject. Wherever possible I avoided the elective English Media. I have recently been researching… Continue reading Media Literacy
  • Henry and Anne: The Great Matter
    Arguably one of the best known and most controversial monarchs in British history, Henry VIII was prepared for a life in the church. As second son he wasn’t meant to be King. That bitter inheritance fell to his older brother Arthur.  However on Arthurs death, the young Henry was whipped… Continue reading Henry and Anne: The Great Matter
  • Aspects of the Gods
    A friend has been writing an assignment on Dionysus. The Hellenistic God of booze and questionable life choices. I found her enthusiasm for the subject infectious and it has led to a lot of discussion, debate and reading. I also mentioned in my post on Camulos that in particular Gods… Continue reading Aspects of the Gods
  • Poetry: Words of the Gods
    Words have power. This seems to be a universal truth that transcends culture and time. George the Poet said in his podcast that “nothing is ever said without reason, even if it’s a lie”. Words are important and they convey meaning, not just meaning intended. This is particularly evident in… Continue reading Poetry: Words of the Gods
  • Maria Beckett: From Madness to Murder and Back Again
    Maria Beckett was the widow of a well-known brewer in Buckinghamshire, England. at 66 years old, she lived between various children. She was regarded as an intelligent, kind and generally well-respected member of the local community. When her husband died in 1854, his business passed to their son with the… Continue reading Maria Beckett: From Madness to Murder and Back Again
  • Sarah Jupe: Murder at the Pure Drop
    The rain fell in the city, the scream sounded. “Murder, Police Murder!” crowds shuffled, an impenetrable wall of the disinterested. The blood flowed and the rain fell.