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A collection of articles reviewing some of histories most interesting, yet forgotten characters. If you would like to recommend someone for entry into Biographica Incognita please get in touch.

The people of the British Isle have a long history of conflict. From the earliest human remains found in Britain to modern conflicts this collaborative project aims to catalogue our more violent past.

Recent Posts

  • Winter Spirits: Berchta
    Gods and Goddesses governing the repeating cycles of nature are pretty universal and certainly predate recorded history. Humans naturally attribute things beyond their comprehension to deities of some sort. There […]
  • DNA: Four Letters
    Since my mid-teens I have been fascinated by genetics. There are a numbers of reasons for this. When I was seventeen the human genome project was completed. The worlds media […]
  • Harii: Ghosts or Guerrillas
    I have mentioned before how painful I found studying Tacitus in my formative years. Despite this I do seem to keep coming back to him. In this instance he is […]