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A collection of articles reviewing some of histories most interesting, yet forgotten characters. If you would like to recommend someone for entry into Biographica Incognita please get in touch.

The people of the British Isle have a long history of conflict. From the earliest human remains found in Britain to modern conflicts this collaborative project aims to catalogue our more violent past.

Recent Posts

  • Jean Baptiste Denys: The blood of the calf.
    Share this PageI am the first to recognise that a great deal of scientific advancement has developed from accidents, mistakes or radical misconceptions. I also believe that in science even […]
  • Ankow: Don’t fear the reaper
    Share this PageOne of the oldest surviving legends from the Brythonic world tells of a being called the Ankow. This is its Cornish name, the Normans and Bretons(Brittany) know it […]
  • War on Nature
    Share this PageHumans are driven towards conflict. We as a species are like Mick, the drunk Glaswegian staggering around the streets on a friday night, picking fights with lamp posts. […]