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A collection of articles reviewing some of histories most interesting, yet forgotten characters. If you would like to recommend someone for entry into Biographica Incognita please get in touch.

The people of the British Isle have a long history of conflict. From the earliest human remains found in Britain to modern conflicts this collaborative project aims to catalogue our more violent past.

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  • Appeasment: What is is good for?
    As a student in early 2000, I was sat in a modern history class. The syllabus covered Britain and Europe from 1919 to 1938, and 1946 to the present day. You may notice this neatly cuts out a couple of fairly large events. As a fourteen-year-old boy, like all teenage… Continue reading Appeasment: What is is good for?
  • Introducting Midguard Musings
    Thanks to the very generous contributions of my Ko-Fi donators I have been able to start dabbling in a new medium. Midguard Musings is (intended) to be a fortnightly podcast discussing much of the content you know and love from Midguard.org.uk. Check out our introductory episode and if you are… Continue reading Introducting Midguard Musings
  • The White Ship: Lads on the Lash
    The music throbbed in the air, as metal clad musicians, full of piercings and bling, struck power chords on their harps and lutes. They were set aboard a great ship with revellers drunkenly staggering around them. One group, just boarding, were your typical stag party lads. Wearing white t-shirts naming… Continue reading The White Ship: Lads on the Lash
  • Sarah Huntingford: Things that go bump in the night
    Portsea, 1818 By 1818 Portsea was improving in status since the formation of the Portsea Improvements Commission in 1747. Slowly transforming what was little more than a slum for dockworkers into a tidy, if not entirely respectable urban area. They had ensured many of the streets, including Orange Street were… Continue reading Sarah Huntingford: Things that go bump in the night
  • A Toxic Remedy: Abuse
    For most of human history, in cultures all around the world, marriage was permanent. There were particular loopholes, if you accidentally married your sister for example. However, for the most part, once a lady entered into a marriage it could only be dissolved on the death of one party. Throughout… Continue reading A Toxic Remedy: Abuse
  • Edgar: A walk in the woods
    The tenth century was a time of extreme disruption in Anglo Saxon England. Fuelled with power, hormones and alcohol the “boy kings” of Wessex excelled at poor decision making, with one apparent exception. Edgar the Peaceable. Eadwig Before we look at Edgars reign it’s important to obtain some context by… Continue reading Edgar: A walk in the woods