Sarah Huntingford: Things that go bump in the night

Portsea, 1818 By 1818 Portsea was improving in status since the formation of the Portsea Improvements Commission in 1747. Slowly transforming what was little more than a slum for dockworkers into a tidy, if not entirely respectable urban area. They had ensured many of the streets, including Orange Street were paved, and hired a man… Continue reading Sarah Huntingford: Things that go bump in the night

Edgar: A walk in the woods

The tenth century was a time of extreme disruption in Anglo Saxon England. Fuelled with power, hormones and alcohol the “boy kings” of Wessex excelled at poor decision making, with one apparent exception. Edgar the Peaceable. Eadwig Before we look at Edgars reign it’s important to obtain some context by looking at the reign of… Continue reading Edgar: A walk in the woods

Monarchs Reviewed: Henry I

I’ve tried to avoid writing about great and grim English and British monarchs because it’s a path well-trodden elsewhere. However, in looking what is available out there I have noted some of my favourite King and Queens of England have either been largely mistreated or altogether forgotten. In this series I will explore some of… Continue reading Monarchs Reviewed: Henry I

Forgotten Figures: Tomoe Gozen

As will prove to be thematic in this series on extremely cool women in history, Tomoe Gozen has never been convincingly proven to have existed. This doesn’t however diminish her impact and influence on world history. It is simply the direct result of history being written by men and about men.

Trans-Cultural Diffusion: Water, Water Everywhere

Since the emergence of early modern humans from Africa about 300,000 years ago shifting landmasses and oceans have separated groups. Events like the Storegga landslide, which resulted in a tsunami, permanently cutting Britain off from mainland Europe, happen far more than you would expect. Add to this continents and land masses drifting with geological indifference… Continue reading Trans-Cultural Diffusion: Water, Water Everywhere

Media Literacy

When I was at school I the study of English was broken into three separate subjects – English Language, English Literature and English Media. I loved English Literature and I tolerated English Language as a compulsory subject. Wherever possible I avoided the elective English Media. I have recently been researching a post which has led… Continue reading Media Literacy