Battle of the River Idle: A nation is born.

One of the most incredible events in this history of Britain. A story full of passion and intrigue, glorious and sinister characters, a battle that defined the political landscape of post-Roman Britain. An event which, for the first time, elevated a king of this island above all others to the status of Bretwalda. A point… Continue reading Battle of the River Idle: A nation is born.

Camulos: The Lost God

The Romans brought a lot to the world. Incredible construction and logistical techniques, bleeding edge technology, technical democracy and law. They also wrote the textbook on cultural genocide. It’s well established that as a rule the Romans absorbed cultures and traditions, blending them with their own interpretations. However this process significantly, yet subtly changes those… Continue reading Camulos: The Lost God

Romani non Invicta: Brennus the Badass

Rome in the fourth century BCE was not the imperial powerhouse we would recognise from the history books. It was a fledgling nation. This however didnt mean it lacked any of the narcissism, hubris and self-entitlement of its later glory days. Rome had only been founded a century earlier but already its ambassadors and its… Continue reading Romani non Invicta: Brennus the Badass

Mylings: Who you gonna call?

A particularly interesting story from Scandinavia relates to apparitions called Mylings. They seem to be the manifestation of social history, superstition and twinging collective consciences. Life in northern Scandinavia was hard, there isn’t much in the way of fertile land, the winters are long and cold with very short growing periods for crops. Starvation and… Continue reading Mylings: Who you gonna call?

The Three: King Hereafter.

The triple goddess is not a new or unique concept. The grouping of three women, typically represented as the Maid, the Mother and the Crone appear to have independently sprung up in folklore any mythology all around the world. The idea that concepts like this emerge independently seems unlikely until you realise that its far… Continue reading The Three: King Hereafter.