Strigoi: Fear not this night.

In a remote village in the hills of Romania a young boy hides under the covers of his bed, the bright moonlight and trees cast gruesome and terrifying shadows against his bedroom wall. His grandfather’s stories of dragons and demons race through his mind. He takes a deep breath and rallies his courage, and then… Continue reading Strigoi: Fear not this night.

Witches: By the pricking of my thumbs.

Halloween may be over for another year however I thought I would wrap up my spooky and folklore themed posts with some witch related information that I found interesting. Matthew Hopkins During a period referred to as the “English Civil War” one man was driving the search for, and execution of witches in England. During… Continue reading Witches: By the pricking of my thumbs.

Korrigan: White Deer

Humans have always tried to explain away what they do not know with a supernatural answer. We are a species that are tied to each other and to the land through our oral tradition. Exploring our myths and legends can tell us a lot about a culture and sometime offer us a connection through them… Continue reading Korrigan: White Deer

Pwyll of Dyved: Legend One

I’m slowly working my way back through the Mabinogion, because who doesn’t love medieval Welsh literature? I actually found myself chuckling at this light hearted tale of sexual exploitation, violent extortion and the total deception of two nations. Pwyll was the Prince of Dyved, one day he decided to go for a hunt so he rode… Continue reading Pwyll of Dyved: Legend One